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The Centre launches research project on history and memory in Kyrgyzstan

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On May 4th, 2016, the Global Centre for Pluralism launched its “History and memory in Kyrgyzstan: toward an inclusive society” project at a workshop at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 


Supporting local analysis 

The objective of the project is to support local scholarship and research on historical narratives in Kyrgyzstan’s past in order to understand the country’s experience, both in terms of inclusion and exclusion. Through a call for applications, the Centre has awarded research grants to eight researchers from Kyrgyzstan to produce a short research paper exploring the country’s past as a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and diverse society. These papers will promote awareness and understanding of the sources of inclusion and exclusion (e.g. cultural, social, gender, political, legal, economic, etc.) in Kyrgyzstan’s history and shed light on both the positive and negative experiences of living with diversity. To help guide them through the research and writing process and encourage them to engage critically with the past, each researcher has been matched with an international or local mentor.

Selected researchers attend workshop on pluralism

Eight selected researchers and project partners from Osh State University and the Central Asian Studies Institute at AUCA attended the workshop. Global Centre for Pluralism staff introduced the Centre’s work and gave an overview of pluralism. The researchers then engaged in a wider discussion about history and memory in Kyrgyzstan and their connection to pluralism, and then had the opportunity to present their research topics and receive feedback from their peers.  

The researchers left the workshop feeling enthusiastic and well prepared to begin their research. In late fall 2016, the project will wrap up with an event in Bishkek, where researchers will present and discuss the results of their research with project partners, mentors and invited stakeholders. The aim of the dissemination event is to extract applicable lessons from Kyrgyzstan’s past for the country today as it seeks to foster greater inclusion.

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