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Pluralist societies are products of decision and public investment characterized by good governance, strong civic institutions, and sound public policy choices. Pluralist societies foster the equal participation of all citizens in the political, economic and socio-cultural life of the nation – enabling individuals and groups to express their cultural, linguistic and religious identities within a framework of shared citizenship. Through these means, the ethic and practices of pluralism can foster a more equitable and peaceful human development.

Launched in April 2012, the PLURALISM FORUM is a new series of moderated Q & A discussions with leading international authorities on the policies and practices that support these outcomes.

April 3, 2014

panel apr32014forumPluralism and public accountability: implementing Kenya's 2010 constitution

Featuring constitutional authority Yash Pal Ghai (Katiba Institute, Nairobi) in conversation with Karuti Kanyinga and Patricia Kameri-Mbote (University of Nairobi).


October 30, 2014

bhargava taylor jenson eventslandingIndia and Canada: pathways to inclusive citizenship 

Featuring Charles Taylor (McGill University), Rajeev Bhargava (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) and Jane Jenson (Université de Montreal)


April 1, 2015

wolff travers mcnee eventslandingRethinking Crisis and Risk: 'Early Warning' Through a Pluralism Lens

Featuring Stefan Wolff (Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security, University of Birmingham) and Patrick Travers (Office of the UN Special Advisor on Genocide Prevention) in conversation with the Centre’s Secretary-General John McNee.


April 1, 2015

Oct22Forum landingpage Global Centre for PluralismProspects for Pluralism Post-Arab Spring: Does Tunisia suggest a Way Forward? 

Featuring Mehdi Jomaa (former Prime Minister of Tunisia) and Dr. Marwan Muasher (Vice President for Studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) in conversation with Dr. Bessma Momani (Associate Professor, University of Waterloo).


October 27, 2016

Pluralism and Peace in a Fragmenting World: What is Canada's Role? 

Featuring Meredith Preston McGhie (HD Centre) and Marie-Joelle Zahar (Research Network on Peace Operations) and David Gorman (HD Centre) in conversation with Roland Paris (University of Ottawa).


October 3, 2013

oct3forum audience forumpageGroup rights: Cultural difference or economic and political power?

Featuring Sujit Choudhry (New York University Center for Constitutional Transitions) in conversation with Rupak Chattopadhyay (Forum of Federations).


December 6, 2012

panel dec2012forum Preventing pluralism breakdown: Lessons from African peace processes

Featuring Vasu Gounden (African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, ACCORD), in conversation with Rita Abrahamsen and David Petrasek (University of Ottawa)


April 4, 2012

panel apr2012forumRetreat or Advance? Reframing Europe's "Multiculturalism" Debates

Featuring panellists Will Kymlicka and Keith Banting (Queen's University) and Tariq Modood (University of Bristol) and moderator Susan Harada (Carleton University)


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