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Partnership Events

As a global destination for dialogue, we welcome opportunities to co-host events with Canadian and international partners on topics related to our mission.

Roundtable Discussion
The Role of Education in Promoting Inclusive Societies

 IrinaBokova photoThe Global Centre hosted a roundtable discussion with Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, and senior representatives from government and select Canadian educational and research institutions on Wednesday, March 30th. 

The theme of the discussion was the role of education in promoting inclusive societies. Living peacefully and productively together in diverse societies represents one of the great global challenges of the 21st century. Rising concerns related to extremism and growing humanitarian and refugee crises are placing increased pressures on societies around the world to address the persistent marginalization of groups, communities and individuals.

The education sector is critical to achieving the long-term, transformative changes in behaviour and attitudes needed to advance and sustain positive responses to diversity. The Global Centre for Pluralism and UNESCO share a commitment to education as an essential vehicle for fostering and sustaining peace and development around the world. Pluralism, founded on respect for diversity, requires that human differences are protected and valued. It represents both a value and defining characteristic of Canada, offering a uniquely “Canadian lens” to fostering inclusive, prosperous and peaceful societies.


The Centre launches research project on history and memory in Kyrgyzstan

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On May 4th, 2016, the Global Centre for Pluralism launched its “History and memory in Kyrgyzstan: toward an inclusive society” project at a workshop at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 


Supporting local analysis 

The objective of the project is to support local scholarship and research on historical narratives in Kyrgyzstan’s past in order to understand the country’s experience, both in terms of inclusion and exclusion. Through a call for applications, the Centre has awarded research grants to eight researchers from Kyrgyzstan to produce a short research paper exploring the country’s past as a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and diverse society. These papers will promote awareness and understanding of the sources of inclusion and exclusion (e.g. cultural, social, gender, political, legal, economic, etc.) in Kyrgyzstan’s history and shed light on both the positive and negative experiences of living with diversity. To help guide them through the research and writing process and encourage them to engage critically with the past, each researcher has been matched with an international or local mentor.

Selected researchers attend workshop on pluralism

Eight selected researchers and project partners from Osh State University and the Central Asian Studies Institute at AUCA attended the workshop. Global Centre for Pluralism staff introduced the Centre’s work and gave an overview of pluralism. The researchers then engaged in a wider discussion about history and memory in Kyrgyzstan and their connection to pluralism, and then had the opportunity to present their research topics and receive feedback from their peers.  

The researchers left the workshop feeling enthusiastic and well prepared to begin their research. In late fall 2016, the project will wrap up with an event in Bishkek, where researchers will present and discuss the results of their research with project partners, mentors and invited stakeholders. The aim of the dissemination event is to extract applicable lessons from Kyrgyzstan’s past for the country today as it seeks to foster greater inclusion.

The Centre partners with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to sponsor fellowship for young leaders of inclusion


The Centre is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) as a sponsor of the 6 Degrees Junior Fellowship Program. The fellowship will bring together ten young leaders from Canada and around the world to 6 Degrees Citizen Space in Toronto from September 19th- 21st, 2016. The Junior Fellows will attend the event and with the support of a grant and active mentorship, will create initiatives for their own communities that relate to promoting diversity and inclusion. The deadline to apply for a fellowship is July 25th, 2016. You can read the call for applications here.

6 Degrees Citizen Space to explore inclusion in the 21st century and the Canadian model of belonging 

6 Degrees, an initiative of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, aims to create a “citizen space” to discuss and find practical solutions to the issues that the ICC has been working on for a decade, including how new citizens can feel welcome and more engaged in Canadian life. Speakers include the award-winning journalist and author Naomi Klein; Senator Ratna Omidvar, an expert on migration; and award-winning novelist Joseph Boyden, among many others. 6 Degrees will also award the Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship to a global leader whose life and work have made the planet a better place. To learn more and attend the conference in Toronto, visit 

The discussion exploring the Canadian “experiment” has begun with a series of essays in the Globe and Mail, entitled Experiments in Pluralism, written by the ICC’s co-chairs, the Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson (a member of the Global Centre for Pluralism’s Board of Directors) and John Ralston Saul, along with the ICC’s Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Foran. The series will continue with two more essays published monthly. 

Read the essays:

John Ralston Saul, “Canada’s multiculturalism: A circle, ever edging outwards,” published on April 22nd, 2016 

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, “Indigenous languages are vital to telling Canada’s story,” published on May 13th, 2016 

Charles Foran, “Canada’s identity is an experiment in the process of being realized,” published on June 17th, 2016 

John Ralston Saul, "Integral to Canada's economy, immigrants deserve more support," published on July 22, 2016

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, "In making room for others, we make room for ourselves," published on August 19, 2016

Charles Foran, "There are few things less Canadian than hatred and fear," published on September 16, 2016



April 24, 2017 


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From right to left: Paul Davidson, President & CEO, Universities Canada Zabeen Hirji, Chief Human Resources Officer, Royal Bank of Canada Kamal Al-Solaylee, Associate Professor, Ryerson University School of Journalism Omar Sachedina, Ottawa News Bureau Correspondent, CTV National News

Introductory remarks by research leads: Dr. Bessma Momani and Jill Stirk

Watch the live-stream here 6pm EDT:

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Monday, April 24, 2017

17:30 Reception

18:00 to 19:30 Panel Discussion and Q&A

330 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON 

Over the past year, the Pluralism Project has explored the relationship between workplace diversity and business performance in Canada. The findings show a positive correlation between workplace diversity, revenue and productivity in Canada with important implications for both public policy and public discourse around issues of diversity, immigration, and the strength of the Canadian economy. Drawing on the report’s findings and recommendations as well as their expertise in their different sectors, our distinguished panelists will discuss how and why diversity can have a positive economic impact, while identifying areas for action and debating the possible implications for Canada’s future.

Led by Dr. Bessma Momani, Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo and Senior Fellow at CIGI, and Jill Stirk, a Trudeau Foundation mentor and Associate at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue, the project covered more than 6,000 businesses and employers, representing 14 sectors from coast to coast. The report and its recommendations are based on a quantitative analysis of the Statistics Canada Workplace and Employee Survey (WES), as well as consultations with the business community, academia, NGOs, and private and public stakeholders.

About the Pluralism Project

The Pluralism Project is funded by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation within its Public Interaction Program under the theme of Pluralism, Diversity, and the Future of Citizenship. This event would not be possible without the support of the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA), the International Migration Research Centre (IMRC), the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), RBC Royal Bank, the Global Centre for Pluralism (GCP), the Immigrant Employment Council of B.C. (IEC-BC), the Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain, the Rotman School of Management, and the Manning Centre.

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Freedom in Diversity
February 11, 2014 | Académie Diplomatique Internationale

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What is the balance between freedom and diversity? Two authors of a recent University of Oxford report joined the Académie Diplomatique Internationale and the Global Centre for Pluralism in Paris for a lively discussion of the question.


Bridging borders: Canadian Pluralism and the Diplomacy of Knowledge
October 25, 2012 | Office of the Governor General of Canada 

hishighness governorgeneralThe Rt. Hon. David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, and the Board of Directors of the Global Centre for Pluralism met at Rideau Hall with selected Canadian social innovators to explore how best to share Canada's rich vein of pluralism experience with the world.


Valuing Diversity: Australian and Canadian experiences
April 5, 2013 | Australian High Commission in Canada

quentinbryce partnershipevents

The Rt. Hon. Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of Australia, made the keynote address of her 2013 official Canadian tour at the Global Centre for Pluralism. Valuing diversity -- an experience and approach shared by Australia and Canada -- was the focus of her remarks


Book launch for Room for All of Us by the Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson
October 17, 2011 | Institute for Canadian Citizenship

adrienneclarkson partnershipevents

Room for All of Us by Global Centre for Pluralism Board member and former Governor General of Canada The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson tells the stories of ten remarkable individuals who came to Canada as refugees and helped to reshape the country.


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