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Pluralism and Peace in a Fragmenting World:

What is Canada’s Role?

October 27, 2016 | Pluralism Forum


From left to right: Meredith Preston McGhie, Marie-Joelle Zahar, David Gorman and Roland Paris  

Post-Forum Update: 

In late 2016, the Global Centre for Pluralism, in partnership with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, hosted a roundtable meeting in Ottawa that brought together a group of international conflict and mediation experts with representatives from the government of Canada in order to explore the intersections between the concepts and practices of pluralism and the difficult work of conflict mediation and peacebuilding. The lively and productive discussion sought to articulate not only how and why pluralism is important, but also how pluralistic principles and practices might be most effectively utilized to support conflict mediation and peace processes, and most significantly, how Canada could position itself to best contribute to this goal.

Read the Summary Roundtable Report and Recommendations for Canadian Policymakers paper here: 

Pluralism and Peace Processes in a Fragmenting World

On Thursday, October 27th, leading experts in the fields of conflict mediation, peacemaking and peacebuilding joined an audience of over 170 people to explore the opportunities and obstacles facing Canada as it confronts how to link pluralism and peacemaking in practice. The context for the event was Canada’s commitment to promote pluralism and to reengage in peacekeeping internationally.

The panellists, including Meredith Preston-McGhie and David Gorman from the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, and Marie-Joelle Zahar from the University of Montreal, were joined by moderator Roland Paris. They explored how and why Canada is uniquely positioned to take a prominent role in embedding respect for diversity in peacemaking. Using the concept of pluralism to address grievances and facilitate mediation efforts could help break cycles of violence and ensure the long-term sustainability of peacemaking processes.  

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